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Impact of Information on Patients’ Choice Within the Context of the Directive 2011/24/EU of the EP and of the Council on the Application of Patients’ Rights in Cross-border Healthcare – January 2015

Published: 06 January, 2015

This study for the European Commission investigates the impact of information on peoples’ choice to seek healthcare in an EU Member State other than their home country. It is a pan-European study including a survey and behavioural experiment. The findings inform the implementation of the EU Directive on cross-border patient rights.

London Economics Announces Winter 2014 Training Catalogue – November 2014

Published: October, 2014

London Economics, alongside delivering cutting edge research, also provides training to economists and non-economists in a number of areas, including Behavioural Economics, Evaluation, Options Appraisal and Finance. Our Winter 2014 catalogue, out now, lists the courses we can offer. Please feel free to reach out: [email protected]  for further details, pricing and availability.  

Ticket Retailing Code of Practice – What Information is Relevant – September 2014

Published: 26 September, 2014

This study for the Office of Rail Regulation sets out to examine what information is important to passengers when choosing and buying rail tickets, what information passengers need in order to make informed decisions when selecting tickets, and how and when this information should be provided. The research is based on an online survey and […]

Using Behavioural Economics: Practical Examples – August 2014

Published: 27 August, 2014

A presentation to practitioners at the Copenhagen Summer University. Explores how behavioural insights are being used by policy makers. Examples of behavioural studies used by regulators, and discusses the issues to consider when commissioning and designing experiments. The presentation also provides suggested papers illustrating the use of behavioural approaches and additional applied examples.

Study on the Impact of the EU Energy Label – and Potential Changes to It – on Consumer Understanding and Purchase Decisions – August 2014

Published: 19 August, 2014

As part of the review of the EU Directive on Energy Labels, the European Commission engaged London Economics to undertake a behavioural study on consumer understanding and purchasing decisions, of the current EU energy label and potential changes to it. Interim findings were presented to the 3rd Stakeholder meeting on the Evaluation of the Energy […]

Financial Conduct Authority Practical Use of Behavioural Experiments in Financial Regulation – March 2014

Published: 25 March, 2014

The Financial Conduct Authority finds that behavioural experiments have an important role to play in financial regulation, and often provide insights into the ways markets work that may not be possible otherwise. Download the paper on the practical application of behavioural experiments in financial regulation jointly authored by London Economics and the FCA.

General Insurance Add-ons: Experimental Consumer Research Report

Published: 13 March, 2014

Behavioural experiment by London Economics which formed part of the FCA’s Add-on Insurance Market Study. The experiment with 1,500 UK residents tested for common patterns of consumer behaviour that arise due to add-on insurance mechanisms and assessed how insurance add-ons may lead to poor outcomes for consumers in these markets.

Using Behavioural Experiments to Identify Consumer Problems in Markets: Partitioned Pricing Practices

Published: January, 2014

This presentation at the OFT’s Economic Seminar series, considers how behavioural experiments can be used to identify problems consumers can have in markets and details an experiment completed for the OFT on partitioned pricing, the practice of splitting prices into parts. The study identifies that these pricing practices can reduce consumer welfare and lead to […]

Voluntary Food Labelling Schemes Study

Published: January, 2014

This market study for the European Commission included a pan-European behavioural experiment to test consumer willingness to pay for products associated with voluntary food labelling schemes. The study also included a web sweep of voluntary food labelling scheme in Europe, a consumer survey and assessment of schemes performance with the requirements of the 2010 Commission […]

Using Behavioural Experiments to Inform Consumer Policy in Financial Markets

Published: December, 2013

A presentation at the Behavioural Finance Working Group conference, practitioners session on behavioural economics applied to finance markets. This presentation looks at applied policy examples of behavioural experiments relevant to consumer decision making in regard to financial products.