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The Economic Headwinds Facing Higher Education Post Covid-19 – April 2021

April 11, 2021

London Economics were delighted to be asked by the Association of University Directors of Estates to provide a presentation at their 2021 annual conference on the economic headwind facing higher education post Covid-19. The presentation is available here.

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London Economics’ Analysis of Agenda for Change Pay Erosion

March 24, 2021

Following recent debate in relation to whether employees covered by the Agenda for Change (AfC) Framework have received a real terms pay cut since 2010-11, London Economics have produced a short analysis outlining the impact of inflation on the salaries received by AfC workers. Simply put, the analysis indicates that more than 1 million AfC […]

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London Economics’ Statement in Response to Comments by Health Secretary Matt Hancock

March 16, 2021

Following comments made by Mr Hancock to the Health Select Committee, London Economics released the following statement: “When asked today by the Health Select Committee whether the proposed 1% pay increase to Agenda for Change employees was a pay increase or a real-terms pay cut, the Secretary of State Mr Hancock stated that “inflation is […]

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Channel 4 Uses London Economics’ Analysis to Fact Check Nurses’ Pay Claims

March 11, 2021

Following the recommendation from the Government that NHS workers receive a 1% pay rise, and subsequent claims from Ministers that salaries for newly qualified nurses have gone up by more than 12 per cent in recent years, Channel 4 News have used analysis conducted by the London Economics Labour Market team in their fact checking […]

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Dr Charlotte Duke Joins Centrica Podcast

February 19, 2021

LE’s Dr Charlotte Duke joined Centrica – Power to the People – to discuss the connected home, the connected customer, the connected car. You can listen to the podcast here.

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Westminster Business Forum Policy Conference on Investment Management Reform – Behavioural Insights for Information Disclosure

December 11, 2020

James Suter presented LE’s behavioural research on consumer decision-making when choosing between investment funds at the Westminster Business Forum policy conference on investment management reform in the UK on 10th December 2020. You can view the presentation here.

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London Economics Partners with Argans to Tackle Climate Change

December 8, 2020

London Economics is pleased to announce a new partnership with satellite-based Earth Observation specialists, Argans, to develop commercially-focused products under the theme of ‘Earth Observation and Climate Change’ as part of the UK Space Agency’s £7 million National Space Innovation Programme (NSIP). London Economics’ and Argan’s project will assess the commercial and technical feasibility of using […]

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Podcast: Why Do People Purchase Electric Vehicles?

August 11, 2020

London Economics’ Dr Charlotte Duke joins Centrica’s podcast ‘Power to the People’, exploring the behavioural economic motivations behind our decisions to purchase electric vehicles. You can listen to the podcast here.

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London Economics Publications Relating to COVID-19

June 16, 2020

[Page last updated 24th November 2020]   COVID-19 has impacted the world’s economy in many different ways, in part due to lock-down measures put in place by governments across the globe. Since the start of the pandemic, London Economics has been commissioned to investigate just how far-reaching these impacts may be, and what further effects […]

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Interview – Wouter Landzaat and ARYZE “Collaboration Between Banks and Fintech is Key to Develop Better Services”

June 11, 2020

Nikki Lagerweij, an intern at Dutch FinTech Company ARYZE, recently spoke with one of our Senior Economic Consultants, Wouter Landzaat, about some of the work we do here at London Economics. More specifically they spoke about “the competition between traditional and modern finance, where collaboration should emerge, and how to make fintech solutions mainstream.” The […]

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