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Barriers to Cross-border Health Care: Can Behavioural Insights Help?

Published: September, 2013

Presentation at European Commission conference on Applying Behavioural Insights to Policy-Making 30th September 2013.

Using Behavioural and Experimental Economics to Understand Consumer Behaviour

Published: August, 2013

Presentation at Copenhagen Summer University, Executive Course in Behavioural Economics and Psychology of Choice 12th – 16th August 2013 This session at the University of Copenhagen provided applied examples of behavioural experiments that have been used to inform policy development. It covers pricing practices, consumer switching and consumer understanding of contracts. The session also explored […]

Partitioned Pricing Research: A Behavioural Experiment

Published: August, 2013

London Economics was commissioned by the Office of Fair Trading to undertake a behavioural economics study into how partitioned pricing, which is the practice of splitting the price of a good or service into multiple components, affects consumer decision making. The study builds upon earlier research by London Economics for the OFT on the impact […]

Behavioural Biases and Consumer Detriment

Published: May, 2012

International Conference on Financial Services, Hamburg, 10th May 2012

The Impact of Competition Interventions on Compliance and Deterrence – A Controlled Economic Experiment

Published: April, 2012

A study by London Economics for the UK Office of Fair Trading Presentation at the University of Amsterdam, Centre for Law and Economics, Behavioural Competition and Regulation, April 19, 2012.

Consumer Information on Broadband Speed and Net Neutrality Experiment

Published: November, 2011

Ofcom has published the report by London Economics “Consumer information on Broadband Net Neutrality”. This study uses an economic experiment and behavioural economics to test the impact on consumers’ internet package choice of how information about packages is presented. Participants in the experiment were faced with different information frames, including the use of colour coding […]

Consumer Behavioural Biases in Competition

Published: May, 2011

Consumer behavioural biases imply that consumers may not behave in the fully rational way that many economic models assume. This study assesses what impact behavioural biases can have on competition, including, how competition and pricing practices may change when consumers are biased; if lowering barriers to entry can reduce inefficiencies that arise from consumer behavioural […]

Consumer Behavioural Biases in Competition

Published: May, 2011

Office of Fair Trading, May 4, 2011.

Consumer Contracts

Published: February, 2011

The OFT has published the market study on problems consumers have with contracts. To inform the market study London Economics in association with YouGov completed a behavioural survey of consumers combined with an economic experiment to investigate the features of contracts that cause most problems for consumers.

Behavioural Economics and the Impact of Price Frames on Consumer Decision Making

Published: November, 2010

European Commission conference on Behavioural Economics, November 22, 2010.