The Economic Cost of Providing Potential Refunds to Students During the Covid 19 Pandemic – June 2021

Client: LSE and University of Sheffield Students’ Unions
Published: June, 2021

London Economics were commissioned by the LSE and University of Sheffield Students’ Unions to undertake a piece of analysis on higher education fees and funding. Underpinned by the significant financial constraints facing higher education institutions as a result of the pandemic, we were tasked with analysing a range of alternative approaches to provide domestic students […]

The Cost of Amending Repayment Thresholds Alongside Changes in Interest Rate and Loan Repayment Period – June 2021

Client: Higher Education Policy Institute
Published: June, 2021

London Economics were commissioned by the Higher Education Policy Institute to undertake some modelling of higher education fees and funding arrangements. Based on the current system of repayments facing the 2020-21 cohort of undergraduates, we were asked to model the resource impact on the Exchequer of the removal of real interest rates, the possible extension […]

Agenda for Change Pay and House Prices Since March 2011 – June 2021

Client: Royal College of Nursing
Published: June, 2021

London Economics were commissioned by the Royal College of Nursing to undertake an assessment of the how average UK house prices and total annual nursing staff pay has evolved since 2011. Using information from the Office for National Statistics and NHS Digital, the analysis identified that average house price inflation over the decade was approximately […]

Star Wars and Space Clubs

Client: N/A
Published: April, 2021

In 1999, Thomas Bell, writing for the US Center for Strategy and Technology suggested that it was “inevitable that mankind will weaponize space and equally likely that this will take place in the next thirty years”. Space is increasingly openly considered as a military domain alongside land, sea, air, and cyber, where national security and […]

The Impact of the Apprenticeship Levy on Apprenticeships and Other Training Outcomes – April 2021

Client: Centre for Vocational Education Research
Published: April, 2021

Since April 2017, UK employers with an annual pay bill above £3 million have contributed to the Apprenticeship Levy. In this paper we use a matched firm-learner dataset to explore changes in apprenticeship and other training outcomes between 2015/16 and 2018/19, a period which spans the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy. The findings reveal that […]

Use of Additional Funding for Social Care – March 2021

Client: Welsh Government
Published: March, 2021

The Welsh Government commissioned LE Wales to assess the potential impacts of a number of policy options for the use of additional funding raised from a potential levy or alternative. The proposed options assessed by LE Wales include three options for offsetting the charges for residential and non-residential adult social care services that are paid […]

Short to Medium Term Operational and Cost Pressures Affecting Social Care in Wales – March 2021

Client: Welsh Government
Published: March, 2021

This report presents projections of net current expenditure by local authorities on social care services in Wales for the period 2018/19 to 2022/23. The projections cover social care services for different age groups (children, working age adults and older people) and consider net expenditure (i.e. excluding income from clients and other sources) for a number […]

Modelling Demand and Costs for Palliative Care Services in England – March 2021

Client: Sue Ryder
Published: March, 2021

The palliative care sector is facing rising demand for its services and there are growing concerns about the financial sustainability of the independent charitable sector. Financial pressure on the hospice sector was already increasing at the beginning of 2020, but the COVID-19 outbreak brought almost all fundraising activities to a halt, with a substantial loss […]

Estimating the Potential Impact of Policy Changes on International Student Demand for UK Higher Education

Client: Department for Education
Published: February, 2021

London Economics were commissioned by the Department for Education to undertake an analysis of: The price elasticity of international student enrolments with respect to changes in the level of tuition fees charged – separately at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and for EU and non-EU domiciled students. The potential impact on first-year EU student enrolments and […]

LE Tech Insight – Starpower: Is Nuclear Fusion Still 30- Years Away?

Client: N/A
Published: January, 2021

Process of fusion Source: London Economics (2020), based on FusionForEnergy (2019) Last month, the search began for a site for the construction of a new nuclear fusion plant in the UK – after an additional £200 million was pledged by the government to fund the next breakthrough in fusion research.[i] The UK is currently […]