International trade & investment

Our International Trade and Investment team analyse international trade and FDI flows and their interaction with different areas of trade policy, with a focus on customs arrangements and trade barriers. Recent projects have examined the impacts of trade and investment on the economy including the regional impacts of agricultural trade policy and analysis of policies that support exporting businesses, focussing on SMEs. The team uses cutting edge econometric modelling, as well as qualitative analysis tools such as literature reviews and case studies.



Tracking developments in international trade flows, foreign direct investment and international capital movements.

Understanding drivers

Understanding the drivers that influence international trade, FDI and other international capital flows using econometric analysis of macro and micro factors including FTAs, tariff and non-tariff trade measures.

Economic impact assessment

Measuring the impact of changes in international trade and foreign direct investment on the economy as well as individual sectors and/or regions.


Evaluating trade and FDI public support programmes, public policies and impacts of policy reforms.