Applying behavioural economics for regulators and government


Our Behavioural Economics team helps policy makers within government and regulators to understand consumer and firm behaviour using the latest insights from behavioural science. We design and implement innovative, cutting-edge behavioural experiments and randomised controlled trials (RCTs) to deliver robust and academically rigorous testing of policy options. We work across multiple policy areas, such as regulated industries (finance, water, gas, electricity and telecommunications), education, environmental policy, and competition assessment. Our team includes multiple PhDs and professionals each with more than 10 years of experience of delivering behavioural and experimental economics studies for government and regulators. We will find tools for you to tackle the most challenging issues surrounding decision making and human behaviour.
Our behavioural economics team works closely with our Public Policy team, click here to see more.

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Contact: Dr Charlotte Duke, +44 (0) 20 3701 7705, [email protected]

Our products and services

We apply behavioural economics to solve the most diverse challenges by using a wide toolkit of methods:

    • Primary data collection using representative surveys and behavioural experiments
    • Analysis of existing research and data
    • Desk based review including literature reviews
    • Stakeholder consultations
    • Qualitative research including depth-interviews and focus groups

Understanding the effects of behavioural biases

We examine how behavioural biases impact on decision-making and market outcomes including potential consumer detriment

Competition analysis incorporating behavioural analysis

We analyse how behavioural biases affect competition in markets

Impacts of framing and pricing strategies on consumer behaviour

We assess the impacts of commercial practices on purchasing behaviour and consumer choice

Behavioural experiments and RCTs

We road test policy changes using innovative, cutting-edge behavioural experiments and randomised controlled trials and derive robust recommendations for policy makers

Consumer and firm willingness-to-pay

We use the latest techniques to estimate consumer and firm willingness to pay for goods and services

Analysis of behavioural biases of firms

We analyse how biased firm behaviours affect market outcomes and competition