London Economics awarded a prestigious grant from the Nuffield Foundation

Practice area: Education and Labour Markets | Further education | Higher education | Secondary education
Client: Nuffield Foundation
Published: 14 August, 2023
Keywords: higher education quantitative analysis UK Wales Education England Graduates Grant Labour markets Northern Ireland policy Scotland Students

London Economics are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a prestigious grant from the Nuffield Foundation to model the resource implications – for students, graduates and the Exchequer – of the current Higher Education funding systems in the four nations of the UK. The analysis aims to improve the understanding the current fees and funding arrangements in each of the Home Nations, as well as the implications of potential changes to each of the systems. The generous funding from the Nuffield Foundation will support a number of Briefing Notes, newspaper articles and live policy events across the United Kingdom, as well as provide modelling capability to all the major political parties to help the development of manifesto commitments ahead of the next General Election. The analysis concludes with an assessment of those manifesto commitments in each Home Nation to better inform voters of parties’ proposals. A summary of the project and activities is available here.