Current vacancies

We are not expressly recruiting for any specific roles at present; however, we are always interested in hearing from highly qualified candidates.

How to apply

To apply, please send your application by e-mail to

When contacting us you should enclose:

  • A cover letter indicating your economic interests and motivation for working at London Economics.
  • A curriculum vitae:
    • Describing your academic background and grades;
    • Describing your employment record;
    • Giving the names of at least two referees; and
    • Stating your nationality (in case we need to help with work permit applications).

If you are not an EU citizen, please also clearly state your visa situation and its duration.

About London Economics

Like all consultancies, the main outputs of our work are the solutions to clients’ problems. What distinguishes us from other consultancies is that the way we do this is by using a particular set of economic and quantitative tools.

The other distinguishing feature of London Economics is that we enjoy applying the latest advances in econometrics and economics for solving complex problems in the areas of industrial economics, financial economics and public policy. In addition, we are strongly committed to the principle of equal opportunity and we are proud of our multinational and multi-ethnic work environment.

Our culture

The approach of London Economics is the perfect blend between the intellectual stimulus of academia and the professional client-based approach of the leading management consultancies. This culture makes London Economics a unique place to work. It is both fun and dynamic.

Our values

Our culture and the people who make up London Economics determine our values. Simply put these are:

  • Intellectual robustness: we are not interested in fads or fashions, only the right answer. This requires hard work.
  • Honesty: if a client has a problem, or if we do not believe the client’s analysis we will tell them.
  • Professionalism: good economics and lots of integrity only get you so far.
  • Fun: consulting is hard. We put a lot of emphasis on making London Economics an enjoyable place to work and the degree to which a project is interesting is an important factor in deciding whether we take the work.