It’s the finance, stupid! The decline of part-time higher education and what to do about it – October 2015

Practice area: Economics of Education | Education and Labour Markets | Higher education | Labour market economics | Labour markets
Client: N/A
Published: 29 October, 2015
Keywords: modelling quantitative analysis

London Economics have contributed to a new Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) Report on part-time higher education. The analysis by Dr Gavan Conlon and Maike Halterbeck contrasts the methodology underpinning current official estimate of the RAB charge and that presented in previous work undertaken by London Economics for million+ and the IPPR. Given the differences in estimates, as well as the importance of the RAB charge in determining higher education funding policy, the analysis suggests that funding part-time higher education is less costly than previously thought, but also has significant economic benefits for the United Kingdom more generally. The full report and individual chapter are available from the downloads above.