Evaluation of the impact and cost effectiveness of UKTI’s Regional Network Support

Practice area: Competition & Antitrust | Productivity, Innovation and New Economy | Public Policy
Client: UK Trade & Investment
Published: October, 2012
Keywords: quantitative analysis stakeholder surveys and consultations

The study examined the impact and efficiency of the delivery of the services provided by UKTI’s regional network. The export support activities of UKTI’s regional teams are delivered by International Trade Advisers (ITAs) under contract, with different set ups being used across the nine English regions. The study explores the drivers of ITAs’ performance by examining the make-up of regional teams, regional client profile and economic conditions, ITA qualifications and experience, and management practices and ITA time allocation. Finally, the study also examined the provision of regionally-focused export support services by organisations other than UKTI and the potential for improvements in the overall efficiency of the regional support infrastructure. Information was collected through a comprehensive consultation with regional directors and ITAs across all English regions; surveys of service users and other UK exporters; analysis of UKTI internal performance measures and matching company performance data; and a number of cases studies illustrating specific issues to be identified in the course of the study.