Evaluation of the functioning of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) – October 2016

Practice area: Productivity, Innovation and New Economy
Client: European Investment Bank
Published: October, 2016
Keywords: impact assessment

LE assisted the EIB evaluation team with the evaluation of the functioning of the EFSI. The key conclusions of the evaluation are that the fund is on track in terms of approvals in view of its target of mobilising EUR 315 billion of total investment in the real economy, but is lagging behind in terms of signatures and disbursements. To ensure that reaching this target translates into achieving EFSI’s  objectives, there are several areas that merit improvement. They include: complementarity with the other two Investment Plan for Europe pillars; the expected share of private versus public investment; governance structure; the concept of additionality; the geographical distribution of EFSI operations; and monitoring the pace of signatures and disbursements.