Using Behavioural Economics: Practical Examples – August 2014

A presentation to practitioners at the Copenhagen Summer University. Explores how behavioural insights are being used by policy makers. Examples of behavioural studies used by regulators, and discusses the issues to consider when commissioning and designing experiments. The presentation also provides suggested papers illustrating the use of behavioural approaches and additional applied examples.

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Behavioural Economics in Retail Financial Services: Training Workshop, 30th September 2014, Central London

The London Economics’ Behavioural and Financial Services teams will provide a training workshop on the application of behavioural economics to retail finance. The course will address: The underlying principles of behavioural economics; Regulators’ understanding and use of behavioural economics; How behavioural economics is applied in retail financial services ; and, how to design, apply and […]

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Study on the Impact of the EU Energy Label – and Potential Changes to It – on Consumer Understanding and Purchase Decisions – August 2014

As part of the review of the EU Directive on Energy Labels, the European Commission engaged London Economics to undertake a behavioural study on consumer understanding and purchasing decisions, of the current EU energy label and potential changes to it. Interim findings were presented to the 3rd Stakeholder meeting on the Evaluation of the Energy […]

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Public Policy


London Economics delivers groundbreaking research and analysis across a wide-range of public policy areas

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London Economics delivers insight and high impact quantitative analysis of changes in financial and capital markets policy and strategy

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London Economics has a long track record of delivering outstanding education and labour market research based on quantitative analysis and insight

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London Economics has established itself as a market leader across Europe in the application of experimental and behavioural economics

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London Economics delivers world-class analysis of the rapidly growing space sector to a wide variety of commercial and public customers

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