Study on the Impact of the Energy Label – and Potential Changes to It – on Consumer Understanding and on Purchase Decisions – January 2015

This behavioural economics study for the European Commission investigates the impact of potential changes to the EU energy label on consumer understanding and purchasing decisions. The pan-European study uses an online and field experiment combined with a consumer survey and focus groups to provide insights on the performance of alternative label designs.

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Economic Analysis of Business Models for Open Access Monographs – January 2015

The report looks at existing and emerging business models for open-access publishing of scholarly monographs (including scholarly editions, edited volumes and catalogues). A typology of business models is developed based on institutional setup, incentives for the participating parties and revenue sources. The analysis is informed by theoretical considerations and interviews with publishers and academics in […]

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Impact of Information on Patients’ Choice Within the Context of the Directive 2011/24/EU of the EP and of the Council on the Application of Patients’ Rights in Cross-border Healthcare – January 2015

This study for the European Commission investigates the impact of information on peoples’ choice to seek healthcare in an EU Member State other than their home country. It is a pan-European study including a survey and behavioural experiment. The findings inform the implementation of the EU Directive on cross-border patient rights.

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Public Policy


London Economics delivers groundbreaking research and analysis across a wide-range of public policy areas

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London Economics delivers insight and high impact quantitative analysis of changes in financial and capital markets policy and strategy

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London Economics has a long track record of delivering outstanding education and labour market research based on quantitative analysis and insight

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London Economics has established itself as a market leader across Europe in the application of experimental and behavioural economics

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London Economics delivers world-class analysis of the rapidly growing space sector to a wide variety of commercial and public customers

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