A Production Model of Service Quality at An Post

Client: LE Presentation
Published: 2003

“A Production Model of Service Quality at An Post”. Paper presented at the 11th Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics. Toledo, Spain. June 4-7, 2003.

Study on a Methodology for Identifying Sectors with Serious Structural Problems

Client: EC DG Competition
Published: December, 2002

London Economics was commissioned by DG Competition state aid II to develop a general methodology to be used by EC officials to draw up an initial “List of sectors” where serious structural problems prevail. In the report we set out an analytical framework that reviews various aspects (sales, output, employment) of an industry when the […]

Working Conditions in Road Transport: National Reports for France, Italy, Portugal and Sweden

Client: N/A
Published: October, 2002

The reports for the European Foundation for the Improving of Living and Working Conditions assess the impact of trends such as globalisation, increased competition and developments in technology, and look at the role of social dialogue in the sectors. They also feature several examples of interesting and innovative practice at local and national level aimed […]