Apprenticeships and Social Mobility – June 2020

Sector:Education and Labour Markets
Client:Social Mobility Commission
Published: June, 2020
Document type:Report

London Economics were commissioned by the Social Mobility Commission to undertake an analysis of the impact of the Apprenticeship Levy on the outcomes of learners from disadvantaged backgrounds. Announcing the publication of the report, the Commission said that the apprenticeship system is failing disadvantaged young people and Covid-19 will make it worse. Learners from disadvantaged […]

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The Scottish Space Cluster – May 2020

Client:Scottish Enterprise
Published: May, 2020
Document type:LE publication | Report

Scottish Enterprise commissioned London Economics to identify the size, capabilities, strengths, opportunities, potential growth and trends of the Scottish Space industry. Overall, the size of the Scottish Space industry is estimated at £254m in 2017/18, suggesting 12% per annum growth in real terms since 2012/13. This income supports Gross Value Added of £880m and 8,000 […]

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