International trade, FDI and other international capital flows

The last several decades have seen major growth in global trade and international capital flows and increased complexity of policy needs and trade negotiations and agreements.

Our economic consultants use a wide range of quantitative and qualitative tools to assist clients with:


Tracking developments in international trade flows, foreign direct investment and international capital movements.

Understanding drivers

Understanding the drivers that influence international trade, FDI and other international capital flows using econometric analysis of macro and micro factors including FTAs, tariff and non-tariff trade measures.

Economic impact assessment

Measuring the impact of changes in international trade and foreign direct investment on the economy as well as individual sectors and/or regions.


Evaluating trade and FDI public support programmes, public policies and impacts of policy reforms.

Recent project examples include:

  • SME Annual Report 2018 (EC DG GROW/EASME) – Special topic in report examined the internationalisation of SMEs. As part of this topic, SME FDI (inward and outward) was examined in detail.
  • FDI in UK space industry (UK Space Agency)
  • Economic impact of FDI (Department for International Trade)
  • Quantifying the factors which influence Life Science companies’ decisions to invest in R&D and manufacturing in a specific country when capital is internationally mobile (UK BEIS)
  • Analysis of developments in the fields of direct investment and M&A (DG MRKT)

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