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New Year, New You, New Nudges

Sector:Behavioural Economics.
Published: 12 January, 2022

Only around a third of us manage to keep our new year’s resolutions[i]. As 2022 begins, Joscelyn Miller from London Economics’ Behavioural Team reflects on why we are so bad at sticking to plans and how adopting a behavioural approach can help you succeed this year…  The new year perfectly lends itself to goal setting, […]

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A Pandemic’s Worth of Change – June 2021

Sector:Data & technology.
Published: 17 June, 2021

London Economics and Webloyalty reveal the top consumer trends formed during the pandemic which are here to stay and how behavioural economics can help your firm thrive post-pandemic.

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Presentation of LE-Europe’s Behavioural Study on the Digitalisation of the Marketing and Distance Selling of Retail Financial Services

Sector:Behavioural Economics.
Client:European Commission
Published: 18 June, 2019

Divisional Director James Suter presented LE-Europe’s behavioural study on the digitalisation of the marketing and distance selling of retail financial services at the joint CEPS-ECRI/European Commission conference on protecting consumers taking credit in the digital era, in Brussels on 18th June 2019. This study examines the impacts on consumers of practices used by providers of […]

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