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Consultancy Research in the UK Maritime Technology Sector – November 2021

Published: November, 2021

The consortium, composed of London Economics (lead) and NLA International (NLAI), was commissioned by Maritime Research and Innovation UK (MarRI-UK) to undertake economic research to inform the Department for Transport (DfT) approach to supporting the smart shipping industry in the UK. The research focuses on the UK’s strengths in smart shipping technology and provides economic […]

Star Wars and Space Clubs

Published: 1 April, 2021

In 1999, Thomas Bell, writing for the US Center for Strategy and Technology suggested that it was “inevitable that mankind will weaponize space and equally likely that this will take place in the next thirty years”. Space is increasingly openly considered as a military domain alongside land, sea, air, and cyber, where national security and […]

Gold from Trash

Published: 17 December, 2020

In this issue of Space in Focus former Economic Consultant, Nick Oswald, considers the implications of this ever-increasing need. Humanity’s collective space-faring actions are the predominant cause of the ever-increasing accumulation of debris in-orbit. There is general consensus that this is a ‘bad’ thing. The main causes for disagreements relate to how much of a […]

Commercial Space Surveillance and Tracking Market Study – September 2020

Published: 15 September, 2020

London Economics was commissioned by the UK Space Agency (UKSA) to undertake a study investigating the current and future state of the commercial space surveillance and tracking market. The report provides a qualitative view of the development of the industry highlighting potential risks and opportunities for the UK, plus provides a quantitative estimate of the […]

Untangling the OneWeb Web

Published: 27 August, 2020

On July 3rd 2020, the British government committed $500m to successfully acquire a 45% stake in OneWeb[i], a company whose ambitions for mass constellation broadband were thwarted by Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March.[ii] The size of the taxpayer commitment, uncertainties over the commercial and technical feasibility of OneWeb and its strategic alignment with UK space […]

The State of Commercial Earth Observation – May 2020

Published: 12 May, 2020

London Economics was commissioned by the European Space Agency to quantify the size of the Earth Observation (EO) market and NewSpace EO markets across Europe. The results of this study provides a basis for tracking industry growth and the emergence of new entrants across the value chain at a national level. The results are the […]

Earth Observation: a Tool for a More Resilient and Sustainable World?

Published: 12 May, 2020

As the world restarts and enters the next phase of the global pandemic, the question of “how to avoid the next crisis?” emerges. In this second issue of Space in Focus, Romain Esteve presents new data on the European EO industry and explores how EO data can be used to inform post-COVID-19 policy and meet […]

The Scottish Space Cluster – May 2020

Published: 20 May, 2020

Scottish Enterprise commissioned London Economics to identify the size, capabilities, strengths, opportunities, potential growth and trends of the Scottish Space industry. Overall, the size of the Scottish Space industry is estimated at £254m in 2017/18, suggesting 12% per annum growth in real terms since 2012/13. This income supports Gross Value Added of £880m and 8,000 […]

MarRINav: Cost Benefit Analysis – April 2020

Published: 17 April, 2020

The MarRINav project explores the vulnerabilities of GNSS as a position, navigation and timing solution. The project, funded by the European Space Agency and led by Blue Economy solutions company NLA International Ltd, is also researching systems complementary to GNSS that add layers of integrity and resilience. London Economics’ contribution consisted in analysing the economic […]

The UK Space Sector: Insights and Opportunities – March 2020

Published: 12 March, 2020

Senior Economic Consultant, Farooq Sabri presented at “The UK Space Sector: Insights and Opportunities” held at the Silverstone Technology Cluster on 12th March 2020.   In his presentation “Growth Opportunities Across the Space Supply Chain” he highlighted key market trends for advanced manufacturing in the space sector and identified growth opportunities for UK companies. For […]