Publications in: Regulatory economics

Estimating the Impact of Access Conditions on Service Quality in Post

Published: 2010

In this Working Paper, London Economics uses data on the speed of delivery for international letter post to estimate the impact of access conditions on quality in the postal sector.

Innovation in the Water Industry in England and Wales

Published: February, 2009

As part of the independent Cave Review of competition and innovation in water markets, London Economics undertook a benchmarking exercise of innovation across all water and sewerage companies in England and Wales. The work also provides international comparisons of innovation,, and assesses the barriers to innovation and how these may be addressed.  

The Theory and Practice of Setting the X-factor in Postal Pricing

Published: 2009

This London Economics Working Paper reviews the theory and practice of setting the X-factor in postal price regulation.

Analysis of the Regulatory Environment Facing the Owners of London Heathrow

Published: June, 2008

London Economics recently completed an analysis of the regulatory environment facing the owners of London Heathrow on behalf of London First. The report was launched by the Secretary of State for Transport – Ruth Kelly – on the 25th June 2008.

Estimating the Impact of Price Regulation on Quality of Service in Post

Published: May, 2008

16th CPDE, Portugal, May 2008.

Estimation of the Net Cost of Fulfilling Universal Service Obligations in the Telecoms Sector

Published: May, 2008

This LE Economic Brief describes London Economics’ estimation of the net cost of the Universal Service Obligation in Ireland.

Modelling EU Electricity Market Competition Using the Residual Supply Index

Published: May, 2008

This LE Working Paper reports on research undertaken by LE and others for the European Commission inquiry into the state of competition in the EU’s electricity markets. It also presents new analysis on the economic foundations of the Residual Supply Index as a market structure variable.  From 2005 to 2007

Economic Impacts of Increased Flexibility and Liberalisation in European Spectrum Management

Published: April, 2008

London Economics was commissioned by a group of European communications sector companies to carry out an independent review of the available evidence examining the costs and benefits of greater flexibility in the use of radio spectrum. This report sets out the findings of that review and is based on existing studies that examine the actual […]

Impact of the Regulatory Framework on Investment Across Europe

Published: 2008

An update in Die Effektivität der Telekommunikations-regulierung in Europa – Befunde und Perspektiven, ed. Arnold Picot, Springer Münchner Kreis.  Jones, S.

Determinants of Prices and Margins in the EU’s Major Electricity Markets

Published: October, 2007

European Global Energy Symposium, Lisbon, October 9, 2007.