Publications in: Regulatory economics

Reform in the Australian Urban Water Sector: the Productivity Commission Inquiry

Published: April, 2011

This Economic Brief by London Economics, reviews the interim report of the Australian Productivity Commission inquiry into the urban water sector in Australia and compares their propoals for water reform with the reform proposals being debated in the UK.

Digital Radio Switchover: Willingness to Pay and Consumer Behaviour Research

Published: April, 2011

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has published the report Digital Radio Switchover: Willingness to Pay and Consumer Behaviour Research by London Economics in association with YouGov. The study assesses consumers’ willingness to pay for the various attributes of digital radio through a choice experiment, and examines consumers’ attitudes towards radio and the costs […]

Measuring Consumer Detriment from Postal Quality-Price Misperceptions in France

Published: February, 2011

CCRP workshop, Aston University, Birmingham, February 2011.

The Functioning of Retail Electricity Markets in the European Union

Published: November, 2010

London Economics, in cooperation with Ipsos, IBF Consulting and CRIOC, were commissioned by the EC DG Health and Consumers (SANCO) to examine the functioning of retail electricity markets in the European Union. Based on consumer surveys, stakeholder surveys and mystery shopping exercises carried out in the 27 Member States, the study shows that, although consumers […]

Modelling EU Electricity Market Competition Using the Residual Supply Index

Published: October, 2010

Swinand, G., Scully, D., Ffoulkes S. and Kessler, B The Electricity Journal, Vol 23, Issue 9, November 2010, Pages 41-50.

Small Business Cost of Capital

Published: October, 2010

This report estimates the cost of capital for small independent gas transport (IGT)companies. The report was submitted to Ofgem as part of their consultation on the cost of capital for the legacy IGT sector in the UK as part of their normal 5-year review. London Economics has estimated the weighted-average cost of capital (WACC) for […]

Consumer Switching Experimental Economics Research

Published: September, 2010

This study completed for Ofcom reports the results of an economic experiment that investigates different features of switching processes for consumers in the market for communication services. The economic experiment tests the impact of two main forms of switching process, Gaining Provider Led Processes (GPLPs) and Losing Provider Led Processes (LPLPs) on a set of […]

Economic Feasibility of Coupling Offshore with Large-scale Storage Hydro in Ireland – A Preliminary Investigation

Published: April, 2010

Economics of Ocean and Marine Energy Symposium, UCC, HMRC, April 21, 2010.

Using Experiments in Consumer Research

Published: March, 2010

Ofcom has published the report “Using experiments in consumer research” by London Economics. The work informs Ofcom about how behavioural and experimental economics can assist regulators in understanding consumer behaviour. The research implemented a controlled economic experiment which considered a number of options for improving the understanding of consumers when choosing telecommunication services funded through […]

Competition in Upstream Sewage and Sludge Markets

Published: March, 2010

This research provides Ofwat with an independent assessment of the level of ‘in-the-market’ competition that already exists in the upstream sewage and sludge sector in England and Wales; an assessment of the scope for increasing competition in the sewage and sludge markets; and some options for further developing upstream competition in sewage and sludge markets.