Publications in: Public Policy

Consumer Behaviour Research for Legal Services – December 2017

Published: 6 December, 2017

The Law Society commissioned London Economics to undertake behavioural economic research into how consumers search for legal services. The study used a behavioural experiment, focus groups and depth interviews to investigate how consumers access, assess and act on information. The research helped the Law Society to better understand the most useful information that solicitors can […]

Study on Consumers’ Decision-making in Insurance Services: A Behavioural Economics Perspective – November 2017

Published: 7 November, 2017

This study focused on consumers’ decision-making in the non-life insurance market when purchasing domestically and cross-border. It tested ways to help consumers make better decisions using a behavioural experiment, collected complementary data on the supply side of the market, and examined potential savings consumers could make.

Research and Analysis to Quantify the Benefits Arising from Personal Data Rights Under the GDPR – August 2017

Published: 07 August, 2017

The act of disclosing personal data typically takes place in an environment of incomplete and asymmetric information. This explains the crucial role of consumer confidence in enabling transactions that involve the disclosure of personal data. LE’s study for DCMS investigates the benefits of new individual rights introduced by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) […]

A Study of the Economic Impact of the Services Provided by the Bureau of Meteorology – July 2017

Published: 11 July, 2017

As part of the Australian Governments Functional and Efficiency Review of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, London Economics undertook an economic impact assessment of the Bureau’s services to the Australian economy. Of the benefits that can be quantified, the analysis indicates a benefit-cost ratio of 11.6:1. That is, for every dollar spent on delivering Bureau […]

Study on the Functioning of the Retail Electricity Markets for Consumers in the EU – February 2017

Published: 06 February, 2017

The 2nd Electricity Market Study investigated electricity market functioning for consumers in the EU, Iceland and Norway. It assessed how market performance has developed since the 1st electricity market study conducted in 2010, and the extent to which consumers have the necessary tools to make rational and empowered choices. Its findings offer a clear insight […]

The Determinants of University Selection – January 2017

Published: 13 January, 2017 January, 2017

Read London Economics’ research brief on the determinants of university selection. The analysis considers the relative importance of fees and funding on the selection of universities, as well as the role of other characteristics (such as rankings). The report also highlights students’ willingness to pay for different university attributes.

Facilitating Cross Border Data Flow in the Digital Single Market – January 2017

Published: 10 January, 2017

Unnecessary requirements to maintain control over the location where data and documents physically reside are an obstacle to the free flow of data within the Single Market. LE investigated the restrictions to the free flow of data across borders within the European Union, concentrating on 8 member states. The study found that legal restrictions of […]

The Use of Behavioural Insights in Consumer Policy – January 2017

Published: 25 January, 2017

The OECD has published its report on the use of Behavioural Economics in Consumer Policy. The report is informed by discussion at the OECD’s Behavioural Economics Roundtable, at which LE’s Dr Charlotte Duke was an invited speaker on her experience in using behavioural economics to test and design consumer policy.

Consumer Vulnerability Across Key Markets in the EU: Animated Infographic – November 2016

Published: 21 November, 2016

Following the publication of London Economics’ study into consumer vulnerability across the EU for DG Justice and Consumers, the European Commission has released an animated infographic which presents the key findings of the study, including the varying impact of vulnerability drivers across key markets.

The Economic and Social Impact of Cardiff University in 2014-15 – Full Report – November 2016

Published: 28 November, 2016

London Economics were commissioned by Cardiff University to undertake an analysis of the university’s economic and social impact. The full report assessing the economic impact of teaching and learning, research, education exports, and the direct, indirect and induced impact generated by Cardiff University can be accessed on the link above.