Publications in: Justice and Legal Affairs

Consumer Behaviour Research for Legal Services – December 2017

Published: 6 December, 2017

The Law Society commissioned London Economics to undertake behavioural economic research into how consumers search for legal services. The study used a behavioural experiment, focus groups and depth interviews to investigate how consumers access, assess and act on information. The research helped the Law Society to better understand the most useful information that solicitors can […]

Understanding Consumer Vulnerability in the EU’s Key Markets – February 2016

Published: 23 February, 2016

This study for the European Commission provides a new definition of vulnerable consumers, a new methodology for measuring consumer vulnerability and new insights into the actual patterns of consumer vulnerability. The large scale study employed stakeholder consultations, consumer surveys, focus groups and behavioural experiments across the EU28 plus Iceland and Norway.

Using Behavioural Economics: Practical Examples – August 2014

Published: 27 August, 2014

A presentation to practitioners at the Copenhagen Summer University. Explores how behavioural insights are being used by policy makers. Examples of behavioural studies used by regulators, and discusses the issues to consider when commissioning and designing experiments. The presentation also provides suggested papers illustrating the use of behavioural approaches and additional applied examples.

How Much Does Size Matter? – A Comment on the English and Welsh Prison Estate

Published: July, 2013

In the light of the recent announcement by the MoJ of its plan to build a 2,000 prison at Wrexham, and the report from the think tank Policy Exchange[1] arguing that £10 billion could be saved over 25 years by restructuring the prison estate, we analyse what the data shows and what it suggests in […]

Economic Outlook: How is the Current Financial and Economic Situation Affecting Consumers, Debtors and Creditors

Published: December, 2011

This analysis by London Economics offers new insights into the current economic crisis. Key economic indicators suggest recovery long way off. In previous UK recessions, output recovered relatively quickly after modest falls. This recession is deeper and longer lasting that previous recessions, with no recovery in sight. Growth between 2005 and 2008 was driven by […]

The Fiscal Impact of the Jackson Proposals: the Case of Employers’ Liability

Published: November, 2011

The report estimates the fiscal impact of the Jackson Proposals for the reform of personal injury litigation funding arrangements on revenues and expenditures of government and public bodies. Based on survey data collected during Lord Justice Jackson’s investigation, we estimate the effect of the proposed measures on the volume of cases and the success fees […]

Evaluation of the Impact of the HM Prison Service Enhanced Thinking Skills Programme on Reoffending Outcomes of the Surveying Prisoner Crime Reduction (SPCR) Sample

Published: 2010

London Economics undertook an evaluation of the impact of a cognitive-behavioural offending behaviour programme (Enhanced Thinking Skills, or ETS) on the reconviction outcomes of treated prisoners. By combining new data collected as part of the SPCR survey and existing management information for the first time, the causal treatment effect (average treatment effect on the treated, […]