Publications in: Finance

A Review of the All-Island Financial Services Sector

Published: November, 2004

This report for InterTradeIreland provides an analysis of the size, scale, employment and earnings of the sector in Northern Ireland, Ireland, and in the island as a whole. It also assesses the extent of cross-border trade in financial services and the significance of perceived barriers to cross-border trade. Finally, the report examines the options to […]

Overview of EU25 Securities Trading, Clearing, Central Counterparties, and Securities Settlement

Published: February, 2004

The report for the European Commission – DG Competition provides a pan-European overview of trading, clearing and central counterparties, settlement, and custody, of equity, corporate and government bonds, and the related infrastructures (exchanges, clearing institutions and central counterparties, central securities depositories and international central securities depositories at primary level and international central securities depositories and […]

European Financial Market Integration. Distant Dream or Nascent Reality?

Published: 2004

World Economics, 5, 3, July–September 2004. Muller, P.

London and Foreign Direct Inward Investment

Published: November, 2003

London Economics was commissioned by Greater London Authority (GLA) Economics to undertake a study on how London as a world city contributes to attract foreign direct inward investment (FDI) into the United Kingdom, and the risks to London’s attractiveness for FDI in the future. The report reviews recent trends in direct foreign inward investment into […]

Financial Markets and the Funding of Enterprises in the European Union: What Future?

Published: July, 2003

This report uses scenarios to explore the future landscape of the financial services industry in the European Union. The question posed is whether the structure of business finance will shift towards greater reliance on capital markets, equity and bonds, and away from bank finance. After reviewing the key factors that drove change in the nineties, […]

Quantification of the Macro-Economic Impact of Integration of EU Financial Markets

Published: November, 2002

“Financial Market Integration and Economic Growth: Quantifying the Effects”. European Commission. Brussels, Belgium. 19 February, 2003.

Polarisation and Financial Services Intermediary Regulation

Published: July, 2000

The report to the FSA studies the economic effects of a range of possible options for changes to the polarisation regime.

Real Options: Valuing Nuclear Generation with the Option to Shut Down

Published: 1999

Bridge Strategy Quarterly, Fall 1999. Swinand, G. and Swinand, P.