Publications in: Consumer behaviour

Competition-promoting Consumer Behaviour

Published: March, 2011

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (DCCA) has published two reports analysing the interactions between consumer behaviour and competition in retail markets; one of which was written by London Economics. The study undertaken by London Economics analyses consumer behaviour during the purchasing processes and is based on a survey of 6,000 Danish consumers. The study […]

Consumer Contracts

Published: February, 2011

The OFT has published the market study on problems consumers have with contracts. To inform the market study London Economics in association with YouGov completed a behavioural survey of consumers combined with an economic experiment to investigate the features of contracts that cause most problems for consumers.

Consumer Switching Experimental Economics Research

Published: September, 2010

This study completed for Ofcom reports the results of an economic experiment that investigates different features of switching processes for consumers in the market for communication services. The economic experiment tests the impact of two main forms of switching process, Gaining Provider Led Processes (GPLPs) and Losing Provider Led Processes (LPLPs) on a set of […]

The Impact of Price Frames on Consumer Decision Making

Published: May, 2010

London Economics was comissioned by the Office of Fair Trading to undertake a behavioural economics study into how different price frames may impact upon consumer behaviour. The study uses experimental economics to test if consumers incur behavioural biases under five common pricing practices used by firms, including drip pricing and “3 for 2” offers. The […]