Publications in: Competition & Antitrust

Privatisation of Electricity Transmission and Distribution Companies in Sultanate of Oman – January 2018

Published: 20 January, 2018

London Economics has been appointed by NAMA as co-leader with Lazard Frères (Paris) for the privatisation of 5 electricity companies (4 distribution companies and 1 transmission company) of the Sultanate of Oman. LE is responsible for the preparation of the transaction structuring report which sets out the recommendations for the structure of the sale(s), undertaking […]

The EU Single Market: Impact on Member States – December 2017

Published: 14 December, 2017

This study provides up-to-date quantitative assessments of the impact of the Single Market on five broad economic indicators (GDP , household consumption, business investment, employment, and productivity) in each of the Member States, and estimates the impact it could have in future, if integration was deepened by each Member State. The findings highlight that that […]

Wall Street Journal Reference to London Economics Study on Impact of Single Market – December 2017

Published: 14 December, 2017

An article published on December 13, 2017 in the WSJ on recent developments in the EU internal market ( cites the London Economics study The EU Single Market: Impact on Member States undertaken for  AMCHAM EU (

Annual Report on European SMEs 2016/17 – Focus on Self-employment and Companion Working Paper – November 2017

Published: November, 2017

The annual report, prepared on a yearly basis, provides a synopsis of the size, structure and importance of SMEs to the European economy and an overview of the past and forecasted performance of SMEs from 2008 to 2018. Comparisons with partner countries outside the EU and with the large enterprise sector are also included. The […]

Analysis of the Potential Economic Impact of GDPR – October 2017

Published: 30 October, 2017

This study examines the potential economic impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in relation to the ambiguities created by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidance on consent. Two elements of the guidance are analysed in detail: the prohibition of any form of opt-out consent and the requirement to name all third-parties that will […]

Nanosatellite Telecommunications: A Market and System Study for Machine-to-Machine Applications

Published: September, 2017

The emergence of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications to enable monitoring and control of remote assets has created a demand for low-cost satellite communications to provide global connectivity. Markets such as maritime, energy, logistics, transport and healthcare could considerably benefit from M2M applications. However, as this is an emerging domain, market demand […]

Research and Analysis to Quantify the Benefits Arising from Personal Data Rights Under the GDPR – August 2017

Published: 07 August, 2017

The act of disclosing personal data typically takes place in an environment of incomplete and asymmetric information. This explains the crucial role of consumer confidence in enabling transactions that involve the disclosure of personal data. LE’s study for DCMS investigates the benefits of new individual rights introduced by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) […]

GNSS Market Report Issue 5

Published: May, 2017

The GNSS market report is a comprehensive source of knowledge and information on the dynamic, global GNSS market. The report is published every two years, with the latest edition released in 2017. The report provides comprehensive, in-depth analysis of global trends, and the latest developments in terms of shipments, revenues and the installed base of […]

Study on the Functioning of the Retail Electricity Markets for Consumers in the EU – February 2017

Published: 06 February, 2017

The 2nd Electricity Market Study investigated electricity market functioning for consumers in the EU, Iceland and Norway. It assessed how market performance has developed since the 1st electricity market study conducted in 2010, and the extent to which consumers have the necessary tools to make rational and empowered choices. Its findings offer a clear insight […]

Facilitating Cross Border Data Flow in the Digital Single Market – January 2017

Published: 10 January, 2017

Unnecessary requirements to maintain control over the location where data and documents physically reside are an obstacle to the free flow of data within the Single Market. LE investigated the restrictions to the free flow of data across borders within the European Union, concentrating on 8 member states. The study found that legal restrictions of […]