Publications in: Competition & Antitrust

Accompanying Study to the EUROPEAN SME INNOVATION ASSOCIATE – PILOT ACTION – November 2019

Published: 12 November, 2019

The study undertaken by a consortium comprising CARSA, Ramboll, LE Europe, DIW Econ and Ecorys evaluates the functioning and impact of the pilot of the European SME Innovation Associate program. LE Europe estimated the scale of the program that would be required to address the skills gap currently faced by EU SMEs undertaking innovation activities […]

Independent Assessment of the Open Data Institute’s Work on Data Trusts and on the Concept of Data Trusts – April 2019

Published: 16 April, 2019

As part of the ODI’s work on data trusts, LE provided an external assessment of the concept of data trusts, focusing on their economic function. The rationale for government support for data trusts as new a data sharing mechanism is framed in terms of their contribution to productivity, and development of AI and data-driven innovation […]

Understanding Customer Values – Behavioural Experiment Report – March 2019

Published: 6 March, 2019

This study was undertaken for Yorkshire Water, as subcontractor to Aecom, to understand the values customers place on water service attributes as part of the 2019 price review process. London Economics conducted an online behavioural experiment to examine customers’ willingness to pay for service improvements and the impact of various framing treatments on customers’ valuations. […]

Future Options for Managing Customer Demand for Water – March 2019

Published: 21 March, 2019

Yorkshire Water commissioned London Economics to write a paper on interventions to manage water demand with a special focus on interventions which use behavioural economics. The paper also assessed the effectiveness of temporary use bans (TUBs), commonly known as ‘hosepipe bans’, which must be introduced in times of severe droughts. A rapid evidence assessment of […]

Study on the Economic Impact of a Legislative Requirement for the Right to Data Portability in Singapore

Published: 25 February, 2019

Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) commissioned London Economics to conduct a study of the issues surrounding a potential data portability requirement in Singapore, including the impact on consumers, businesses and competition. LE provided a theoretical framework for understanding the economic effects of data portability and carried out a review of data portability rules in […]

Study to Assess the Future Potential Market and Value-chain of Space Resources Utilisation (SRU) – December 2018

Published: December, 2018

As part of a consortium of companies from four European countries, London Economics estimated the socio-economic benefits of space resource utilisation for the Luxembourg Government through ESA. Considering fuel, water for life support and materials for equipment and infrastructure, the potential benefits of space resource utilisation is counted in the tens of billions. The full […]

2017/2018 SME Annual Report – SME Growing Beyond Borders – November 2018

Published: 26 November, 2018

The annual report, prepared on a yearly basis as part of the SME Performance Review, provides a synopsis of the size, structure and importance of SMEs to the European economy and an overview of the past and forecasted performance of SMEs from 2008 to 2020. Comparisons with partner countries outside the EU and with the […]

Now You See It: Drawing Attention to Charges in the Asset Management Industry – April 2018

Published: April, 2018

A behavioural experiment conducted by London Economics formed the basis of the FCA’s Occasional Paper ‘Now you see it: drawing attention to charges in the asset management industry’. Our experiment tested the impact of different ways of presenting information on charges on the extent that retail investors pay attention to charges in their decision-making. The […]

Asset Management Market Study – Experimental Consumer Research and Focus Groups – April 2018

Published: April, 2018

As part of the FCA’s Asset Management Market study, London Economics conducted a behavioural experiment to test the impact of different ways of presenting information on charges on the extent that retail investors pay attention to charges in their decision-making. Treatments tested included: warning investors about the impact of charges a) via a written message […]

Review of International Best Practice in the Production of Productivity Statistics – February 2018

Published: 7 February, 2018

London Economics and DIW Econ were commissioned by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to examine the productivity measures that are published by other national and international statistical organisations (NISOs) around the world and includes information on the range, timeliness, detail and frequency of the productivity data they produce. The report summarises the productivity publications […]