Publications in: Behavioural and experimental economics

Road Testing of Consumer Remedies

Subsector:Public Policy
Published: July, 2009
Document type:Report

Office of Fair Trading, London, July 9, 2009.

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Behavioural Economics and Experimental Economics

Subsector:Regulators and government
Published: October, 2008
Document type:LE publication (working papers and economic briefs)

This Economic Brief explains what behavioural and experimental economics are, giving examples of real world policy applications.

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An Experimental Test of Design Alternatives for the British 3G / UMTS Auction

Subsector:Telecom and media
Published: January, 2002
Document type:LE publication (working papers and economic briefs)

In spring 2000, the British government auctioned off licences for Third Generation mobile telecommunications services. In the preparation of the auction, two designs involving each a hybrid of an English and a sealed-bid auction were suggested by the government: a discriminatory and a uniform price variant. We report an experiment on these two designs, and […]

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