Understanding the funding shortfall in sixth form education – October 2018

Sector: Economics of Education | Education and Labour Markets | Secondary education
Published: 08 October, 2018
Document type: Presentation 
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London Economics were commissioned by the Sixth Form Colleges Association to analyse the funding shortfall in sixth form (16-19) education in Sixth Form Colleges (SFCs) – in terms of the shortfall between the resources available for the delivery of the current (2016-17) curriculum:

  • The funding that was available to deliver the 2010/11 curriculum (before the reduction in 16-19 funding and substantial increase in running costs); and
  • The funding required to deliver an internationally-competitive curriculum, that would involve:
    • Widening the current curriculum, by increasing student support services, increasing non-qualification time by 3 hours per learner per week, and retaining/re-introducing 3 subjects with low student numbers that are under threat/have recently been dropped; and
    • Deepening the current curriculum, by increasing total weekly contact hours per learner to 25 hours

A full assessment of the costs is available here.