The State of Commercial Earth Observation – May 2020

Practice area:
Client: European Space Agency (ESA)
Published: 12 May, 2020
Keywords: quantitative analysis

London Economics was commissioned by the European Space Agency to quantify the size of the Earth Observation (EO) market and NewSpace EO markets across Europe.

The results of this study provides a basis for tracking industry growth and the emergence of new entrants across the value chain at a national level.

The results are the product of  bottom-up organisation level analysis. This involved cataloguing and assessing EO companies in each member state, retrieving financial and employment information from 2013 to 2018 for each company, and aggregating the results. These results are elaborated in this document and cover over 800 companies. The study focuses on commercial EO turnover and employment within 22 ESA Member States + Slovenia.

Overall, the aggregate size of the EO market in these 23 countries in 2018 was €3,300 million. This turnover supported a total of 16,200 employees (full time equivalent). Of this, the NewSpace EO market in 2018 accounted for €1,000 million in turnover and employed 6,300 individuals (fulltime equivalent).

The summary document is available to download at the link above.