The nature and impact of hardcore cartels

Sector: Cartels | Competition Economics | Competition, Regulation and Business
Client: Danish Competition and Consumer Authority
Published: January, 2011
Document type: Report 
Tagged: EC/EEA qualitative analysis

This study analyses the nature and impact of hardcore cartels and other economic crimes based on a review of relevant academic literature. The study was commissioned by the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority and its findings feed into work being undertaken by a committee set up by the Danish Government with a mandate to assess Danish Competition Law.

The study discusses the motives for engaging in cartel activity, the stability of cartels, the typical duration of cartels and the effects of cartel activity on prices, innovation, and consumer welfare. The report also compares the Danish cartel sanctioning regime with sanctioning regimes in other jurisdictions. Finally, the report compares the effects of cartels with other economic crimes such as embezzlement, tax evasion, piracy and insider trading.