The economic impact of Leeds Beckett University – April 2022

Practice area: Education and Labour Markets | Higher education
Client: Leeds Beckett University
Published: April, 2022
Keywords: 2022 impact assessment quantitative analysis

London Economics were commissioned by Leeds Beckett University to estimate their economic impact on the UK economy.

The total economic impact on the UK economy associated with Leeds Beckett University’s activities in 2018-19 was estimated at approximately £1.43 billion.

In terms of the components of this impact, Leeds Beckett University’s teaching and learning activities accounted for £820 million (57% of total), the value of the University’s research activities stood at £23 million (2%).  The impact of the University’s educational exports was estimated at £80 million (6%), while the total impact associated with the spending of Leeds Beckett University stood at £508 million (35%).

Compared to the University’s total operational costs of approximately £233 million in 2018- 19, the total impact of Leeds Beckett University’s activities on the UK economy was estimated at £1.43 billion, which corresponds to an impressive benefit to cost ratio of 6.1:1