Study on the coverage, functioning and consumer use of comparison tools and third-party verification schemes for such tools – March 2015

Sector: Behavioural and experimental economics | Behavioural Economics | Business and industry | Consumer and firm behaviour | Consumer behaviour and protection | International institutions | NGOs and consumer advocacy | Regulators and government
Client: European Commission – Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC)
Published: March, 2015
Document type: Report 
Tagged: consumer behaviour EC/EEA experiments quantitative analysis UK

The European Commission has published the study on consumers’ use of comparison tools. As part of the study London Economics completed a behavioural experiment in 15 EU countries that investigated consumer understanding and use comparison tools. The study forms part of the evidence base used by the Commission to develop, together with stakeholders, a series of principles to be respected by these websites and apps. The action will contribute to the proper enforcement of relevant legislation, such as the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and the Consumer Rights Directive, and improving transparency for consumers.