Space exploration review

Practice area: Exploration and Infrastructure | Space
Client: British National Space Centre
Published: December, 2009
Keywords: stakeholder surveys and consultations

In 2009 London Economics completed an economic analysis for the British National Space Centre (BNSC) of future business opportunities arising from future space exploration investment in the UK. The analysis used a cost-benefit approach and assessed the benefits to the UK in 6 areas: Tele-robotic and autonomous drilling providing access to inhospitable environments on earth for oil and gas exploration; Low cost launch technology for space services (payload), satellite launch and tourism; Communications and navigation technology for lunar communication networks; Robotics for the food sector, nuclear decommissioning and household robots; and, Space Medicine for aged care and intensive care on earth. This work supported the broader Space Exploration Review by BNSC and the Science & Technology Funding Council (STFC).