The Size & Health of the UK Space Industry 2016

Practice area: Competition & Antitrust | Downstream Terrestrial Applications | Exploration and Infrastructure | Space
Client: UK Space Agency
Published: December, 2016
Keywords: modelling qualitative analysis quantitative analysis stakeholder surveys and consultations

Every two years, the UK Space Agency studies all organisations in the UK who supply and/or make use of space or satellite services – from upstream manufacturing right through to downstream satellite-enabled applications, including both commercial and non-commercial activities. The series of studies, titled the Size and Health of the UK Space Industry, represents the definitive source of information on the UK space sector. It is used by the Agency to track growth and developments in the industry, identify emerging trends and any limiting constraints on performance.

The Agency again commissioned London Economics to conduct the study, with this latest edition covering the years 2013/14 and 2014/15. By supplementing inputs from an online survey with significant secondary research and analysis, and adopting thought-leading frameworks and best practice techniques to measure the space economy, this edition gives the most comprehensive, progressive and accurate overview to date of the size, performance and characteristics of organisations engaged in space-related activity in the UK. This report summarises the findings of the 2016 edition.

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