Nanosatellite Telecommunications: A market and system study for Machine-to-Machine applications

Practice area: Competition & Antitrust | Downstream Terrestrial Applications | Space
Client: UK Space Agency
Published: September, 2017
Keywords: qualitative analysis quantitative analysis stakeholder surveys and consultations

The emergence of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications to enable monitoring and control of remote assets has created a demand for low-cost satellite communications to provide global connectivity. Markets such as maritime, energy, logistics, transport and healthcare could considerably benefit from M2M applications.

However, as this is an emerging domain, market demand and the requirements of users is not well understood. To help address this knowledge gap, London Economics conducted this study to provide this market information and to outline the emerging requirements of IoT/M2M applications using a combination of secondary and primary research.

The outputs of this work will be used by Clyde Space Limited in a second phase of work to define a set of M2M mission requirements and to design a commercial-viable nanosatellite platform.

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