The journey from childhood skills to adult financial capability – analysis of the 1970 British Cohort Study – November 2017

Sector: Economics of Education | Education and Labour Markets | Labour markets
Client: Money Advice Service
Published: 20 November, 2017
Document type: Report 
Tagged: 2017 economics of education education England quantitative analysis Scotland Wales

The Money Advice Service believes childhood and adolescence are vital times to influence future financial capability and that what happens in these years can have profound effects on financial outcomes. Too little is known about the factors in childhood and adolescence that contribute to long term financial outcomes. This research aims to contribute to filling these gaps. This study tests the links between a range of cognitive and non-cognitive skills, and behaviour, in childhood and adolescence, and financial outcomes in adulthood. The financial outcomes considered include pension saving, regular saving, having a low debt-to-income ratio, net wealth, and financial self-assessment. In addition, the study considers the relationship between these financial outcomes and other aspects of a person’s life from childhood and adolescence to adulthood. The full report is available through the link above.