Independent assessment of the Open Data Institute’s work on data trusts and on the concept of data trusts – April 2019

Sector: Competition, Regulation and Business | ICT | Internet/New Economy | Privacy and security
Client: Open Data Institute
Published: 16 April, 2019
Document type: LE publication 
Tagged: 2019 AI data portability data protection digital economy public policy

As part of the ODI’s work on data trusts, LE provided an external assessment of the concept of data trusts, focusing on their economic function. The rationale for government support for data trusts as new a data sharing mechanism is framed in terms of their contribution to productivity, and development of AI and data-driven innovation more broadly.

The report discusses the economic effects of enabling data sharing across organisations and market failures and frictions that data trusts help to address, and derives recommendations for further development of data trusts.

A conference discussing the outcomes of the ODI’s data trust pilots was held in London on 15 April 2019, details here.