Development of the Scottish Space Industry – December 2016

Practice area: Downstream Terrestrial Applications | Exploration and Infrastructure | Space
Client: Scottish Enterprise
Published: 1 December, 2016
Keywords: qualitative analysis quantitative analysis stakeholder surveys and consultations

Scottish Enterprise commissioned London Economics to support their work to develop the Scottish space industry. The objective of the study was to answer two key questions:

  1. Where is the Scottish space economy at present: in an absolute sense; and in comparison with the UK and global space economy?
  2. Where could, and should, the Scottish space economy, and its composite segments, reach in the medium-term (2020) and long-term (2030)?

This study collected, assimilated and analysed primary (survey data and consultations) and secondary (desk-based research) research findings, summarised in a report which:

  • Presents the value and supply chains of the space economy, and lists important Scottish companies;
  • Estimates the size of the Scottish space industry, and compares it with UK and international trends based on survey data and consultations;
  • Discusses international growth trends, and places Scottish companies in this context;
  • Examines successful international space clusters, and discusses aspects of the Scottish cluster in comparison with Harwell (UK), Bavaria (DE), and Colorado (US);
  • Undertakes a SWOT analysis for the Scottish space industry;
  • Discusses the potential for a spaceport, and the potential gains associated with it from the perspective of the local space economy; and
  • Offers analysis of the maximum growth potential for the Scottish space industry as a proportion of the UK total based on a variety of inputs.