How is the demand for part-time higher education affected by changing economic conditions? – September 2017

Sector: Economics of Education | Education and Labour Markets | Higher education | Labour markets
Client: The Open University, Birkbeck University and London South Bank University
Published: 13 September, 2017
Document type: LE publication 
Tagged: 2017 analysis of economic developments economics of education education England quantitative analysis

There has been a substantial fall in the number of part-time students enrolled in higher education over the past decade, with the decline being particularly apparent amongst English higher education providers. In contrast, the number of full-time student enrolments has been on an upward trend. In parallel, the wider economy has seen both a deep recession and, more recently, a limited recovery. This report combines theoretical and empirical analysis to better understand whether the wider macro-economy impacts higher education enrolment; which students might be most or least affected by economic trends (and how?); and whether there may be other factors impacting the decline in part-time enrolment. The full paper is available through the link above.