Consumer information on Broadband Speed and Net Neutrality Experiment

Practice area: Behavioural and experimental economics | Behavioural Economics | Competition | Competition & Antitrust | Consumer and firm behaviour | Consumer behaviour | Consumer behaviour and protection | International institutions | NGOs and consumer advocacy | Public Policy | Regulators and government | Regulatory economics | Telecom and media
Client: Ofcom
Published: November, 2011

Ofcom has published the report by London Economics “Consumer information on Broadband Net Neutrality”. This study uses an economic experiment and behavioural economics to test the impact on consumers’ internet package choice of how information about packages is presented. Participants in the experiment were faced with different information frames, including the use of colour coding for download speed, and were required to select the best package for their internet usage requirements. This study directly informs Ofcom’s work on Traffic Management and net neutrality.