Consumer Behaviour in a Digital Environment

Practice area: Competition & Antitrust | Competition Economics | Finance | Financial markets and Institutions
Client: European Parliament
Published: August, 2011
Keywords: qualitative analysis stakeholder surveys and consultations

In a study for the European Parliament, London Economics has analysed the extent to which digital opportunities impact on consumer behaviour and the interaction between consumers and businesses. At issue is how consumers benefit from the digital environment and whether and how they change their purchasing strategies. E-developments and firm behaviour that impact on consumer behavior are analysed including the impact of new, interactive advertising and commercial strategies, internet search engines and price comparison sites, digital literacy and skills, social networking and communities, network and information security, access to legal and illegal digital content and consumer protection on the digital environment.

A number of barriers to e-commerce and a more integrated digital European Single Market are identified and specific policy recommendations are provided. The study is based on a review of existing literature and data and on a limited stakeholder consultation exercise. The findings and recommendations were presented to the European Parliament’s IMCO committee on 30 August 2011.