Evaluation of the CANparent Trial – July 2014

Sector: Economics of Education | Education and Labour Markets
Client: Department for Education
Published: 23 July, 2014
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Tagged: England ex-post evaluation modelling quantitative analysis

The CANparent trial was a government initiative to examine the development of a universal offer of parenting classes potentially to all parents of children aged 0-5 years. The aim of the trial was to evaluate whether the free provision of parenting classes would provide sufficient incentive to providers to start offering additional parenting classes nationally (including for parents beyond the foundation stage), and whether a universal approach could normalise and de-stigmatise parenting classes. London Economics were commissioned by the Department for Education (along with the University of Warwick, TNS BMRB and BPSR) to undertake a cost effectiveness and willingness to pay analysis of the CANparent trial. The full report can be found here, with the Executive Summary of the main findings here.