An assessment of Open to Export – November 2015

Practice area: Behavioural and experimental economics | Business analytics | Productivity, Innovation and New Economy
Client: UK Trade & Investment
Published: 03 November, 2015
Keywords: qualitative analysis quantitative analysis stakeholder surveys and consultations

LE evaluated the impact of Open to Export, a website supported by UK Trade & Investment that functions as an electronic intermediary, connecting businesses with other businesses, organisations and official sources of information and assistance, including UK Trade & Investment. The study collected information through interviews with six selected “service providers” and a structured telephone survey (CATI) of 292 registered users of Open to Export. Fieldwork was undertaken during January and February 2014. The study investigated the rationale for government support, the user profile, especially the engagement of SMEs, data on site usage, quality perceptions and impact; and made recommendations regarding impact monitoring and engagement strategy. The study identified ‘super users’, a small number of users responsible for a large proportion of the information provided on the site, as the key to the site’s success.