Agenda for Change Pay and House Prices since March 2011 – June 2021

Practice area: Education and Labour Markets | Labour market economics
Client: Royal College of Nursing
Published: 16 June, 2021
Keywords: impact assessment agenda for change inflation Labour Market Economics Nurse's Pay

London Economics were commissioned by the Royal College of Nursing to undertake an assessment of the how average UK house prices and total annual nursing staff pay has evolved since 2011. Using information from the Office for National Statistics and NHS Digital, the analysis identified that average house price inflation over the decade was approximately 55% compared to approximately 9% for nursing staff. This compares to an inflation rate of approximately 31% across the economy more widely.  If pay levels for an experienced nurse (with at least 7 years of experience) had kept pace with inflation, they would now earn £42,600 per annum, compared to current actual earnings of £35,340 per annum.

The full Briefing note is available at the link above.