Exploration and Infrastructure

London Economics offers a solid understanding of the economics of space, expertise in economic analysis and best practice industry knowledge to provide independent analysis and innovative decision-making tools to guide decision-makers in this most challenging of operating environments.

Our consultants are highly-qualified economists with extensive experience in applying a wide variety of analytical techniques to the space industry, including:

  • Financial business case development for new infrastructure, such as Spaceports, including profit & loss reports, and cashflow calculations
  • Economic business case development for infrastructure projects including estimation of public utility benefits
  • Financial modelling around launcher technologies
  • Insightful and accurate market analysis and demand forecasting;
  • Analysis of space industry structures, strategy and competitive forces;
  • New technology adoption modelling;
  • Opportunity prioritisation and targeting to maximise exploitation of investment;
  • Sophisticated statistical analysis (econometrics, regression);
  • Economic and financial modelling, among which: Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), cost effectiveness analysis, Value for Money (VfM), impact assessment, policy evaluation, business case development, cash flow and sustainability modelling.

Our clients include:

  • European Space Agency (ESA)
  • National space agencies (e.g. UK, Norway)
  • Gatwick Airport
  • Private operators (e.g. Reaction Engines Ltd.).

Recent projects include:

  • Due diligence and CBA analysis of a space-plane operator for the European Space Agency.
  • Advice to the UK Space Agency on the benefits to the UK economy from future investment in space exploration technology, including a UK spaceport, small launcher rockets and other launcher technologies.
  • A socio-economic impact assessment of Norway’s space programs (European Space Agency funding, Norwegian Space Centre support funds, Radarsat) for the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • Competition analysis and advice
  • Independent economic assessment of future benefits to the UK of investment in the SKYLON reusable spaceplane launcher for Reaction Engines Ltd. (recently reviewed favourably by the European Space Agency, ESA)