Business analytics

London Economics’ Business Analytics team provides timely, high-quality economic and financial analysis to support strategic decision-making. Our Business Analytics team is staffed with highly-qualified economic consultants and modelling specialists. We are committed to understanding your issue and delivering the best decision support using methodologically robust and independent business analysis. We can also educate your staff in the relevant financial and economic principles and in the application of the most appropriate decision support tools and techniques.

London Economics have extensive experience in delivering analysis to support business decisions, including:

  • economic due diligence,
  • estimating prices and willingness to pay,
  • providing model quality assurance services and modelling training,
  • supporting investment cases,
  • break-even, cash flow and profit and loss breakdowns,
  • net present value and cost-benefit analysis, in line with HMT’s Green Book,
  • undertaking option appraisal, and
  • training in cost-benefit analysis and regulatory impact assessment.

Our business analytics consultants offer a comprehensive range of skills, covering all aspects of economic and financial analysis and policy development. Our experience of working with major international firms and public bodies allows us to offer tailored packages of support that are reactive to your requirements. We also pride ourselves, as with all work at London Economics, with the quality of the products we can provide. We are up-to-date with TUPE issues for analysis including public sector workforces.

Our specialised training consultants offer clients knowledge transfer and training services in all aspects of finance and economics.  Whether educating non-financial managers in the basics of finance and economics, or teaching specialist staff the finer points of investment appraisal and cost-benefit analysis including risk and uncertainty, we customise workshops to meet your particular needs, bring clarity to complexity and boost your organisational capabilities.

Recent projects

Our business analytics team has worked for many major private and public sector organisations including:

  • Economic and social impact of Intel in the UK
  • Delivering a budget modelling and forecasting system for the GEO Group UK
  • Delivering an economic and financial case/analysis for a UK Spaceport for a consortia led by SSTL, reporting to the UK Space Agency
  • Delivering pricing for a commercial bid by the GEO Group UK to the Home Office on the Heathrow Immigration Removal Centres
  • Delivering price forecasting for second-hand vehicles for Leaseplan UK
  • Delivering a profitability assessment of companies in Mauritius for British-American Holdings
  • Delivering pricing for a commercial bid by the GEO Group UK to the Ministry of Justice for Electronic Monitoring
  • Delivering knowledge transfer to staff of the Office of the Prime Minister of Malta in financial appraisal and cost-benefit analysis
  • Numerous other clients, including BP, Cisco Systems, Hyundai, SABMiller, McDonalds, Pearson International, Volvo, Toyota, ITV, and E.on.