Romain Esteve

Position:Senior Economic Consultant
Phone:+44 (0) 20 3701 7728
Email:[email protected]

Romain joined London Economics’ Space team in January 2018 and is now a Senior Economic Consultant. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Environmental and Natural Resources Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics. His recent work has focused on the Size and Health of the UK Space Industry and the evaluation of socio-economic benefits of space resources utilisation for the European Space Agency. He has also worked on the Google Lunar XPRIZE, deep space communication market saturation and projects on behalf of the UK Space Agency.

Prior to moving to London Economics, Romain held an intern position at the European Space Agency within the Clean Space initiative. Romain is also an active member of the Space Generation Advisory Council. He volunteers as an officer of the Data Management Team.  In July 2018, Romain was awarded the Space for Sustainability Award for his work on the optimisation of pollination services using remote sensing data.