Mayumi Louguet

Position:Economic Consultant
Phone:+44 (0) 20 3701 7706
Email:[email protected]

Mayumi Louguet is an Economic Analyst at London Economics, working across various practice areas, with a focus in public policy and consumer protection. Mayumi has completed projects for the public sector with clients such as the UK Government, the Australian Government and the European Commission, as well as the private sector with clients such as large technology companies, energy companies and research institutions. Mayumi has experience conducting in-depth consultations with a wide range of stakeholders as well as designing and analysing large and sophisticated online surveys.

Mayumi has worked on complex impact valuation assessments, with her most recent work involving the economic valuation of high performance computing facilities. She has also been involved in a number of government projects investigating barriers and drivers of consumer trust with regard to personal data sharing and new technologies. Mayumi has also worked on a wide range of pan-European projects studying various sectors, from finance and construction to advertising and hospitality.