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Behavioural Study on the Digitalisation of the Marketing and Distance Selling of Retail Financial Services – April 2019

Sector:Behavioural Economics.
Client:European Commission – Consumers Health and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA)
Published:10 April, 2019
Document type:Report

The study looked into the impacts on consumers of practices used by providers of retail financial services when marketing and selling their products online. Moreover, it suggested ways to improve how consumers are informed when looking to obtain financial products, such as consumer credit or bank accounts, on the internet. Some of the main findings: […]

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Study on Consumers’ Decision-making in Insurance Services: A Behavioural Economics Perspective – November 2017

Sector:Behavioural Economics.
Client:EC DG Justice and Consumers
Published:7 November, 2017
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This study focused on consumers’ decision-making in the non-life insurance market when purchasing domestically and cross-border. It tested ways to help consumers make better decisions using a behavioural experiment, collected complementary data on the supply side of the market, and examined potential savings consumers could make.

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