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Evaluation of Data Pitch – January 2020

Sector:Disruptive technologies.
Client:Data Pitch (Horizon 2020)
Published:24 January, 2020
Document type:Report

Data is an important driver of innovation and productivity. The key to a productive data ecosystem is to enable reuse of data and integration with other datasets in a data value chain, which can include open, closed, and shared datasets. This means rethinking access to data and creating opportunities for data owners to work with […]

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Independent Assessment of the Open Data Institute’s Work on Data Trusts and on the Concept of Data Trusts – April 2019

Sector:Competition, Regulation and Business.
Client:Open Data Institute
Published:16 April, 2019
Document type:LE publication

As part of the ODI’s work on data trusts, LE provided an external assessment of the concept of data trusts, focusing on their economic function. The rationale for government support for data trusts as new a data sharing mechanism is framed in terms of their contribution to productivity, and development of AI and data-driven innovation […]

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