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Financial Conduct Authority Practical Use of Behavioural Experiments in Financial Regulation – March 2014

Subsector:Regulators and government
Published:25 March, 2014
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The Financial Conduct Authority finds that behavioural experiments have an important role to play in financial regulation, and often provide insights into the ways markets work that may not be possible otherwise. Download the paper on the practical application of behavioural experiments in financial regulation jointly authored by London Economics and the FCA.

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Experimental Study on Non-geographic Calls

Subsector:Telecom and media
Published: September, 2011
Document type:Report

Ofcom has published the report by London Economics Experimental work on potential interventions in relation to non-geographic calls. The study uses economic experiments to investigate call price transparency for non-geographic phone numbers such as Directory Enquiries and customer support lines, and tests alternative regulatory interventions to improve price transparency to help consumers make more informed […]

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